10 New Years resolutions that don’t involve dieting or weightloss…

Hi, friends. This is just a little pubic service announcement. Not only are dieting and weightloss obsession damaging to your body— they are also damaging to your soul and maybe even to those around you. What example are we setting when we allow ourselves to be consumed by self hate? Is that anyway to live? … Continue reading 10 New Years resolutions that don’t involve dieting or weightloss…

long macs & street art

“coffee?” “oh, yes. let’s get coffee.”  “how about Babushka?”   “how have you been?” “what is San Francisco like?” “what is Charleston like?” “homesick?”  “wanna see my favorite street mural?” “let’s find more….” “i wonder what’s around this corner…”   “PIGGIES” “the roof. let’s find the roof.” wandering back streets. trying to pull meaning off … Continue reading long macs & street art

november newsletter

  Hello, all! Worship with drug addicts, a week of holiday with family, powerful conversations about God with total strangers, and continual growth in my ministry! This months has had a mix of everything. My two lovely grandmothers, Virginia and Anne, accompanied by my rocking cousin Nichelle crossed oceans and outback just to visit me! … Continue reading november newsletter

tragedy meets family

it’s a chilling phone call that immediately drowns out the warmth and sound of a Mediterranean city she’s gone our Maria suddenly I am on another transcontinental flight Istanbul > London > Charlotte > Charleston she’s gone our regal matriarch overflowing with sincere love and beautiful laughter when a person who has given so much … Continue reading tragedy meets family

on change

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one season ends and a new begins. One day you just wake up to three feet of snow or a row of daffodils brightening up your walkway. We get so comfortable in our routine. So accustomed to the cold or to the sun. It’s easy to forget that we … Continue reading on change