clinging in the stillness

Yesterday, God spoke stillness and silence. A still soul, a quiet mind. Silent from fear. Silent from confusion. Waiting, hoping. Could this be possible? Peace in the midst of the winds of the mind. Wait in silence. Why? Because He speaks freedom, salvation…Yeshua. The Hebrew word in the verse used for salvation. So familiar. The … Continue reading clinging in the stillness

long macs & street art

“coffee?” “oh, yes. let’s get coffee.”  “how about Babushka?”   “how have you been?” “what is San Francisco like?” “what is Charleston like?” “homesick?”  “wanna see my favorite street mural?” “let’s find more….” “i wonder what’s around this corner…”   “PIGGIES” “the roof. let’s find the roof.” wandering back streets. trying to pull meaning off … Continue reading long macs & street art

on change

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one season ends and a new begins. One day you just wake up to three feet of snow or a row of daffodils brightening up your walkway. We get so comfortable in our routine. So accustomed to the cold or to the sun. It’s easy to forget that we … Continue reading on change