72 hours of grace

The last 72 hours have been some of the most challenging hours of my life. Why? Because life is not linear. Our recovery from darkness is not a straight line that bypasses all the fear and pain of this world. And why is that? Sin, fallenness, brokenness. Why? Because I am a broken person with … Continue reading 72 hours of grace

clinging in the stillness

Yesterday, God spoke stillness and silence. A still soul, a quiet mind. Silent from fear. Silent from confusion. Waiting, hoping. Could this be possible? Peace in the midst of the winds of the mind. Wait in silence. Why? Because He speaks freedom, salvation…Yeshua. The Hebrew word in the verse used for salvation. So familiar. The … Continue reading clinging in the stillness

10 New Years resolutions that don’t involve dieting or weightloss…

Hi, friends. This is just a little pubic service announcement. Not only are dieting and weightloss obsession damaging to your body— they are also damaging to your soul and maybe even to those around you. What example are we setting when we allow ourselves to be consumed by self hate? Is that anyway to live? … Continue reading 10 New Years resolutions that don’t involve dieting or weightloss…


It started out so differently than it is ending…. Perth, Australia. Full time service with a full heart. January of last year, I was fully submerged in a ministry project to the greater Perth area with Worship For the Nations. I had a house and a schedule and a routine and a community and a … Continue reading 2017